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Documentary family photography captures you family in a new way. Allow me to explain… Once the children are tucked into bed… after brushing teeth, being denied ‘one last snack because we’re still hungry’, given one last drink of water from the bathroom faucet, a last trip to the potty, 2 stories, a hug, a kiss, a high-five, and a monster inspection…. the house was quiet at last. Walking through the house I  evaluated the destruction of the day. The house was still and quiet, but alive.  Sprinkled with crumbs from breakfast, then lunch, then 17 snacks. Tiny handprints all over the walls. Crayons, Lego and other brightly coloured toys decorated the house in a style I can only describe as Toy’s R’ Us chic. The frustrations of the day melted away and the to do list that didn’t get finished is growing by the second.

How did I get here?

It’s hard to see the beauty in this… the little things…. to remember them… to enjoy and appreciate them. Life is hard; it moves so fast. The crayons are everywhere… that’s not beautiful! The crumbs, the mess the chaos of the day!! Picking them up from school, dance class… karate…. the baby in his tiny bucket seat just along for the ride, gooey cookie in hand…. rushing home to get dinner made, is that puke on my shirt?? Ugh…. maybe it will be easier when they get older?

Will I remember this?

How do I want to remember this?

I want to remember the tiny fingers that struggled to peel the paper off the broken crayons, the egg shells stuck to the counter after the huge success of cracking his first ‘by self’ egg and baking cupcakes! The flour on his nose… how the bowl was as big as he was…. the batter in his hair after licking the bowl. The excitement and pride when they came out of the oven like tiny hockey pucks. The tea party they had after. The cookie stuck in the baby’s hair, and face, and shirt, and toes … oh, but how he enjoyed it! The events of the day made a mess…. and a memory. That’s what I want to remember…. but it’s not easy. The little things zip by… the to do list grows.

Pushing the untouched plates of dinner still on the table aside to make way for a glass of wine I reflected on our journey so far. A wedding, two children, two businesses, pre school, play dates…I’m pretty sure 2 days ago we brought our first baby home from the hospital and contemplated what type of parents we would be. Discussed how we would raise this tiny person into a man. Some how after his we entered this new dimension… where time has no regard for  to do lists and clean houses and these tiny people need 175% of my time and attention.

This life is a challenge… it’s hard…. it’s messy…. it’s beautiful. One day those tiny handprints on the walls will be washed away. Will I remember them? Will I yearn for them? The house will be clean, I will take a bath and read a book….wait for them to come visit…. but now I’m exhausted… sleep deprived and cranky.

What about the fun we had today?

I smile.

Those unencumbered moments we shared…. the dishes left to pile up… eating Cheerios on the carpet in the living room…. building a fort constructed from every blanket and cushion in the house.  Hot dogs for dinner because we lost track of time at the park. The milk moustaches, the toothless smiles…. I am so excited to introduce family photography day in the life sessions. They are so important to me.

What is a day in the life session?

A day in the life session is just that… a photojournalistic approach to family photography. The details. The tiny things you don’t want to forget… the challenges that will become a special memory as you pass through the stages of parenthood; as you work hard to raise the tiny people into the grown adults you hope they will be. The raw emotions, the moments you shared. I will spend time integrated into your family, documenting your story without interference or instruction. Going to the grocery store? I’ll be right behind you. Picking the kids up from school? I’ll be there too. At the end of the day you will have an heirloom quality album and a dvd slide show of your story. A look into your life as it is today… raw, beautiful, you.

Breathe easy mom and dad… ‘You’ll never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they’ll be a little bit older than they are today. Today is a gift, breathe & notice, smell & hold them, study their faces and little feet & pay attention. Enjoy today mama it will be over before you know it. Relish the charms of the present.’ unknown

… and cherish the memories passed.

Here are a few of my treasured moments. Take a peek at one of our favourite documentary sessions here and please leave a comment, send me an email…. tell me about your family memories. Please visit the contact page to inquire about booking your day in the life session and don’t forget to enter to win your next family photography session.

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