What Your Wedding Hair Stylist Wants You to Know

Your  hairstyle is a reflection of your personality and wedding hair styles are no exception. I asked Nicole from Hair by Nicole to give us her best advice when it comes to wedding hair.

What Your Hairstylist Wants You to Know on Your Wedding Day

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2017 wedding hairstyle trends

I think the sleek, classic look is starting to come back. So a lot of elegant Up-do’s in the future!

Allow plenty of time

Plan for about 1.5 hours for bride (depending on thickness of hair) and around an hour for each bridesmaid. Thickness and length of hair really determines the time so talk to your stylist.
Advice from your photographer: I really can’t stress this enough! Plan for extra time. You can always have a mimosa with your girls if you are running ahead of schedule. There’s nothing more stressful for a bride than worrying about getting to the ceremony on time. Bonus: If you’re ahead of schedule you’ll have a few extra minutes for a special “first look” with your dad, or maybe a few extra bridal portraits. You could even plan a mini boudoir shoot with your wedding lingerie as a special surprise for your groom. wedding hair, wedding hairstyles, calgary photographer, calgary photographers, edmonton photographer, edmonton photographers, red deer photographer, red deer photographers

Schedule your makeup first

Usually it’s easier for makeup artist to go first, then the hair can be clipped back and out of the way.  I have parties where hair is done first and the make up artist is just careful around the hair.

Advice from your photographer: Also make sure the bride is ready first. If you’re running behind and something needs to be rushed, make sure it’s not you! Having your makeup done before your hair will mean you look your best in those beautiful “hair spray” bridal prep images too. 

Dirty hair the key to long-lasting bridal hair

Please never wash hair day of your wedding or big event. Usually then the hair is still wet, so it adds time to have to dry the hair. Plus then the hair is “too clean” and hard to hold a curl. Wash your hair the day before. Styling products depend on hair type so ask your stylist about using any product while your hair is still wet the day before.

On location hair styling can reduce stress

It’s really up to the bride. I have done wedding parties on location and at the salon. I find the wedding party is less stressed when they are on location so they are not worrying about getting back and getting dresses on etc. It’s really personal preference.
Advice from your photographer: I’ve been present for many bridal preps and I can tell you for sure, it’s much less stressful to have hair styled at the same place where you will be getting dressed. Unless you plan for lots of extra time, adding another location change can mean someone is stuck in traffic, or running late. That also means someone may be missing from your bridal prep photos, or it could even cut down on the time you will have for getting dressed.

Make a bridal hair schedule; Plan 6-12 months ahead for big changes

If you are wanting a big change to your hair 6 months to a year before your wedding is a good time to start planning.  Colour changes can take time, and you want to make sure you like it. If you don’t there is time to change it. It’s always a good idea to get a fresh colour a few weeks before your wedding, so it’s vibrant for your wedding day.
If you’re planning extensions you’ll want to get them a few months ahead of time to get used to them. You don’t want to get a headache or to be thinking about your extensions on your big day.

Hair trials are key

Hair trials are so important. Usually a month or 2 before your wedding. This way if you want changes, you have time before your wedding to make a new plan and have another trial. Just because you like a style in a picture doesn’t mean you will love it on yourself, or with your dress.


Don’t forget the veil

Bring your hair pieces to your trial and to the salon on the day of. A veil if you have one, crown or any other hair accessories.

Have Fun!

Remember your wedding should be fun. Try not to stress too much. Talk to your stylist about your hair goals, they will help you get there or help redirect if something just won’t work.
If you haven’t seen the rest of this romantic bridal shoot check it out here and learn how we did it here. Up next, I will be sharing 10 tips from Zebo Makeup for a flawless face on your wedding day.
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