Investment family

Lifestyle Photography

Each lifestyle session is carefully crafted to capture authentic images of your family. We will get to know your family and plan an experience that is personal and unique. We don't like to think of these sessions as "photo shoots" as much as we like to think we are photographing your experience, so be ready to have fun. We have plenty of ideas for great activites, so don't worry if nothing comes to mind right away. It's mostly about interaction during your session. 

Family Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is a photojournalistic approach to telling your family story. The real, unrehearsed, unscrpited version of who you are; raw and beautiful. The funny things you may forget, the challenges that will become a distant memory and the little details that won't seem important until they are gone. We will spend our session integrated into your family, documenting your story without interference or instruction. Going to the grocery store? We'll be right behind you. Picking up the kids from school? We'll be there too. At the end of the day you will have an heriloom quality album documenting your family history for generations to come.  

If you're not sure which style is for you, not to worry. Contact us to discuss your session goals. We appreciate your investment in professional photography and from our initial consultation, until prints are hanging on your walls, we will be there. 

Let's start planning your family story.